Emi Haze Designer Profile
Emi Haze is the award-winning designer of the Ethereal World Print Exhibition.
Emi Haze

Graduated from the Institute Design Palladio in Verona with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising Design, Emi Haze is an italian independent digital artist and illustrator with a strongest passion for art and painting connected to technology. His digital works are a mixture of graphic elements and hand-drawn ink marks, acrylic or watercolour stains. In his recent works he tried to merge the human body with nature or rather with the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. Piles of tree branches, clouds forming hair, faces that melt with air and sky, human silhouettes that arise from expanses of earth and roots... The result is the vision of his imaginative world hanging between reality and fantasy, dream and utopia and in which colour and sensitivity have the predominant role. He usually works for several clients and big agencies like Adobe, Wacom, Penguin Random House, Getty Images, etc. Recently, he collaborated with the agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco and Adobe to be part of the Adobe Photoshop 25th anniversary "Dream On" Oscars Spot which was featured during the Academy Award Oscars 2015 ceremony and was part of an international bigger campaign. His works have been published on digital arts magazines and specialized websites and are on sale in many art galleries.

Ethereal World Print Exhibition