Edoardo Carlino Designer Profile
Edoardo Carlino is the award-winning designer of the Info Table Meeting table.
Edoardo Carlino

During his academic studies in building engineering, Edoardo begins to discover his passion for industrial design. In 2001 with “Techno“, eyeglasses equipped with a device to measure heart rate and earphones for listening to music from mp3 players, he is one of the winners at the International Design Competition “Worldframe, Sports Fashion & Techno “. Since then he decides that his passion has to become his work, paying particular attention to the development of innovative concepts such as the well-known tech bed Hi-Can, the contemporary reinterpretation of the classic canopy bed. Since 2004, with his own studio Think Future Design, he deals with architecture and interior design for individuals and business, industrial design and design consulting forcompanies.

Edoardo Carlino
Info Table Meeting table