Carin Design Studio Designer Profile
Carin Design Studio is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Carin Design Studio

Currently, Carin is a design studio that produces fine jewelry for personal use. The founders of Carin are architects by profession who found a passion for designing products. This passion is driven by the love for details and accomplished by attention that architects and designers have for the smallest details. The designers at Carin Design Studio use all their knowledge, creativity and expertise to create pieces that offer more joy and excitement. It is this passion that has resulted in designing their current line of jewelry; designs that are simple yet unconventionally attractive. Items that are designed creatively to carry a mystery that can tell different tales. Carin line of jewelry is designed into different collections. Beyond visual connection between each collection’s pieces, each set has its own story. The designs unite with manufacturers’ experience, to deliver delicate products with unconventional designs to buyers, to find new meanings and carry different stories and memories as they follow them through their lifetime.

Isfahan Ring
Granada Jewellery set