Kevin He Designer Profile
Kevin He is the award-winning designer of the Visa Carousel Experience Showcase.
Kevin He

Kevin is a multi-disciplinary designer whose strengths lie in visual identity, art direction, thematic designs and environmental graphics. Undeniably talented, Kevin’s forte is in the niche market of permanent exhibitions, an industry where he has built a reputation for producing winning graphic design concepts. Year on year, his works are being showcased in public museums, galleries and exhibitions across Singapore such as the Maritime Experiential Museum, Art Science Museum, National Art Gallery Singapore and Singapore Philatelic Museum. Kevin’s thematic designs have also proven to be adaptive across many sectors, having successfully involved in the renowned theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore, Dreamworld Australia and 20th Century Fox World Malaysia. A committed designer who delivers a high level of quality in all aspects of the job - from materials selection to site applications, from font knowledge to technical aspects and more - this problem-solving creative has garnered the testimonies and return of many satisfied clients.

Kevin He