Maurice L. Dery Designer Profile
Maurice L. Dery is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Maurice L. Dery

Maurice Dery is a creator. He is a master metalworker and craftsman. Since 1979, he has been crafting custom architectural metalwork, which can be seen throughout North America (the hundreds of projects for Earls Kitchen + Bar over the last 20 years, including many large light features, have been particularly impressive). Since 1993, Maurice has had his own artisan manufacturing business that today is known across the globe as an elite lighting designer and producer. His company, Karice Enterprises, brings designers' ideas to life. From award-winning industrial designers and architects to aspiring designers and commercial clients, Karice helps people realize their creative dreams. This is what Maurice Dery is best known for.

Maurice L. Dery
Leonardo 1482 Interactive Light
Olah  Light
Electron  Luminaire Wall Sconce
Olo Pendant Lamp
Shroom  Pendant Light Fixture
Electron  Pendant Light Fixture
Sprocket Light Lighting Fixture Chandelier