Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Designer Profile
Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang

Vincent Chiang's design philosophy is simple: to achieve balance between beauty, function and cost (including environmental). Born in Hong Kong, Chiang received a degree in interior architecture at Middlesex University London and went on to work in the R&D department of Steve Leung Designers after graduation. Leaving to co-found his own design firm, In Cube Design, Chiang has been a Professional Member of the International Interior Design Association and International Furnishings and Design Association since 2008. With more than 15 years' experience in interior design and project management, Chiang's strength is in space planning. He has handled over 300 interior design projects, including the series of Shanghai PoPo 360 and luxury houses in Hong Kong. If asked which is his favourite project, his reply is always 「the next one」.

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang
Kamon Teppanyaki Restaurant
Gyukaku FestivalWalk Restaurant
Teawood - Aberdeen Cafe and Restaurant
Teawood - East Point City Cafe and Restaurant
Hana Giku Japanese Restaurant
GyuKaku-OnYasai  Restaurant
Teawood Mega box Restaurant and cafe
Teawood CentralWalk Restaurant and cafe
Shanghai Po Po Restaurant
Onyasai FestivalWalk Restaurant