Giuseppe Persia Designer Profile
Giuseppe Persia is the award-winning designer of the Talking Peppers Art Photography.
Giuseppe Persia

Born in Cremona in 1949, he started taking photographs at the beginning of the '70s, he took part in numerous events in Italy and abroad, obtaining important prizes and public and critical acclaim. Nus-Noûs”: Nus as naked, Noûs as mind. This path is distinguished by the originality of the ideation and the results that led the artist to realize in photography what is most easily obtained in painting or sculpture.They represent as "eidetic entities" that go beyond reality and sensible experience even though they evoke it in various guises and in seductive, mysterious and sometimes disquieting forms. In this conceptual research the speculative dimension prevails, aimed at investigating the surreal world of the unconscious, a germinating unconscious from which emerge both of the likely entities and of the mysterious yet emotionally involving entities. Photography is a means of expression which, in addition to being a powerful tool for investigating and re-proposing objective reality, also knows how to be its opposite in an equally valid way, reproducing the illusory and the unreal. This ambivalence materializes in the works "Nus-Noûs" and proves to be capable of tackling the photographic language by fully exploiting its expressive and allusive possibilities. In the images it clearly appears that the element of ambivalence turns into a subtle elaboration of the mind that takes us away from reality and leads us into an imaginative labyrinth composed of evocative suggestions and visions

Giuseppe Persia
Talking Peppers Art Photography