Natalie Musorina Designer Profile
Natalie Musorina is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Natalie Musorina

Natalie is a product designer, currently lives and works in Moscow. Natalie’s designs are characterized by their elegant and innovative shape and high functional characteristics to make each product unusual and impressive. She is convinced that design arises at the junction of the interaction of many entities on many levels and seeks to express the beauty of this interaction. She got a degree in mathematics and had been working more than 10 years in IT area. But physical objects and their aesthetics have always been very attractive to her. Over time, this led her into the product design area. However, the first mathematical education helps her to understand the essence of objects beauty to create something new

Natalie Musorina
Torsion Rocking chair
Ausos Lamp and Chandelier