Chanyeop Jeong Designer Profile
Chanyeop Jeong is the award-winning designer of the Link broadcasting equipment.
Chanyeop Jeong

In communication with people with a design mind that "there to create a new in the stand", it is Chanyeop Jeong you would like to designers all of the people all over the world know my name three characters. I am a student in the Daegu University Department of Industrial Design, we have completed the Korea design membership in six quarters. I do not have a student that through the design University of fat. This is the students who are through the design University of Earth. The word, in my design, there is no a regional limit. I not only my major field, showing off a design that all stroked the field of other designs of people can sympathize, to I'll divided to other people my joy. To challenge the fun continues so, we would like to grow as a global designer. Do all the people around the world to protect the Chanyeop Jeong to become designers know my name three characters. And memory I will ask.

Chanyeop Jeong
Link broadcasting equipment