Migo (A brand of PMI) Designer Profile
Migo (A brand of PMI) is the award-winning designer of the Migo 1+1 Food Box Carrying & storing food container.
Migo (A brand of PMI)

In 1983, Rob Harris launched PMI with a modest investment of $1,200 and a curiosity about international trade. With degrees in psychology, business, and education under his belt, the entrepreneurial path seemed like an obvious fit. For the first few years, PMI imported a number of different products and designed and styled products for the sports and recreation markets. Eventually, Rob expanded the business into food and beverage containers. After 30 years, we are still deeply rooted in human values and sustainability. In 1999, PMI launched Migo, its first private label brand. We now develop product for MiGo from our Shanghai office, specifically for the unique needs of the Chinese market Migo is the American food and beverage container brand with innovative solutions through new technology and cleaver designs to create and lead a modern, healthy and quality life style in fast-paced and fast changing Chinese urban life especially among the young generation of female consumers and families.

Migo 1+1 Food Box Carrying & storing food container