Auroma Brewing Company Designer Profile
Auroma Brewing Company is the award-winning designer of the Auroma One Coffee Machine .
Auroma Brewing Company

Auroma Brewing Company is a team of scientist and engineers from Vancouver, Canada, with a vision to make people feel excited and alive again. Their first product- the Auroma One focuses on starting each and everyday right-with a great cup of coffee. Instead of waking up and being disgusted by a cup that's so bitter that you have to quickly gulp it down or so masked up by sugar and cream that you're disgusted by yourself; the company is creating a much more enjoyable experience of waking up. Starting each day to a heavenly cup of coffee and feeling fully alive- a small change that makes a huge difference in the quality of everyday life. The Company uses Science, Engineering and Design to enhance the experience of everyday objects and make their vision a reality.

Auroma One  Coffee Machine