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Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l. is an award-winning designer with 14 featured award-winning projects.
Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l.

Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l. (MDL) is an award-winning Italian design studio that creates avant-garde concepts inspired by the vibrancy of Asia. Since its inception, MDL has been a place for creative ideas and thoughts, with a high energy to generate architecturally meaningful works. The team is composed of passionate architects, engineers, designers and artists who integrate art with technology in their design process, while respecting the three fundamental criteria: the functional, the aesthetic and the social. With the company’s Italian spirit and rich cultural heritage that originated in Rome for more than 50 years, MDL creates new milestones and commit with great passion to bring ideas and solutions into the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design.

Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l.
Dusit Thani Laguna Golf Resort Hotel
Super String Sculpture
Nassim Quattro Medium Rise Residential
Villa Otto Residential Villa
Cultural Exchange Convention Centre
Doji Tower Interior Commercial and Office
Villa Mistral Residential Villa
Amber Skye Medium Rise Residential
Vento Residential Villa
Otto Residential Villa
Vento Residential Villa
Villas Alba Residential
iLiv@Grange Medium Rise Residential
Villa Mistral Residential