Kabarovsky Designer Profile
Kabarovsky is the award-winning designer of the Diamond Jeans Jewelry with diamonds .

Kabarovsky – the successful brand to combine tradition and fashion. In the XXI century even the art has been created by software engineers and intelligent machinery. Jewelry design is not a craftsman master peace anymore but a precise machine product. The modern jewellery pieces may look nice but our admiration has been inspired not by the master-jeweller but by the engineer skilfulness and his machine precision. Kabarovsky Jewelry House is not aside of modern technology but keeps the jewelry art tradition, hot enamel in particular. That well known sophisticated technique has been lost in many countries. The reason is obvious: the hot enamel can be laid only by hand and so time consuming. Kabarovsky hot enamel turns cold gold jewelry into a living green branch, bright exotic flowers and even denim. Kabarovsky - tradition and fashion.

Diamond Jeans Jewelry with diamonds