Chiu Chi Ming Danny Designer Profile
Chiu Chi Ming Danny is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Chiu Chi Ming Danny

Danny Chiu, the Design Director, is a graduate of Interior & Environment Design in Hong Kong Ching Ying Design Institute. He expertise in Modern, Contemporary and Modern Chinese styles. After graduated, he established “New Life” Interior Design Limited and focus on interior design and construction supervision in luxury property of Hong Kong region such as “The Beverly Hills”, “The Bel-Air”, “The Mount Beacon” and “Mission Hill” (Shenzhen). And some of his works were published by “Interior Beaute”, “Today’s Living” & “Modern Home” , also reported by TVB program “Living UP” and NOW TV program ”Design Space”. Additionally, Danny Chiu was appointed to be one of the judges of the “Dulex Color Award” competition, he not only makes a contribution to the interior design industry, but to also polish up the new local designer.

Lam's Villa Private Residence
The Grandeur Show Home
Step Inside Lounge
Double Cove Private Residence
The Morgan Private Residence
The Pavilia Hill Private Residence
Le Sommet Private Residence
39 Conduit Road Private residence
City Point Private Residence
DCIDL Project Workspace