Olivia Eunnara Ko Designer Profile
Olivia Eunnara Ko is the award-winning designer of the Coexistence Jewelry.
Olivia Eunnara Ko

I'm Olivia Eunnara Ko, an illustrator and industrial designer. I had been in New York City for about 8 years all the way through my college years and a work period. I dedicated my whole 20s' passion to NYC so it is the most significant place in my life and it still gives me a lot of inspirations even thus far. It has a variety races, cultures, industries and natures. That coexistence scenery makes me so interested. So I want to do most of my works related to that city and deliver a positive and significant message to share all of my impressions with others, even who don't know that city.

Olivia Eunnara Ko
Coexistence Jewelry