Yongbin Kim Designer Profile
Yongbin Kim is the award-winning designer of the curling iron packaging packaging.
Yongbin Kim

I am studying Advertising in college. If you ask me why I am important person, I can say that I’m not a important person, but I’m a blessed person. Because of GOD, I was able studying abroad here, United State. He gave me motivations, inspiration and my family. I am weak but, GOD always remind me that he lead me onto good way. So, I’m different from others. In my future career, I want to design unique and creative design. I also want be best designer and I’d like to get many prizes. But I want get more ‘The Crown of Rejoicing’ from GOD than that. I will design and do brand kingdom of GOD and promulgate this over the world someday.

Yongbin Kim
curling iron packaging packaging