Yen-Yu Chen Designer Profile
Yen-Yu Chen is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Yen-Yu Chen

Yen-Yu Chen, Taiwanese, a designer, graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, she likes painting and photographing. She advocates freedom, loves to spot new things, and looks forward to taking new challenges. By observing people's lives, social perspectives and personal values, she found that people’s subjective consciousness often influence their judgment. Through this artwork, she created a new scene and new meaning is given to the toilet seat. By doing so, she wants to convey the idea that external value of an entity doesn't mean everything. She approaches people and makes them feel warm with photographing and broadening horizons. She has a faith that the world will be a better living place by integrating design and photography into our life.

Yen-Yu Chen
My dear toilet photography
Formosa Sapphire Scarf