Taras Hooduskyy Designer Profile
Taras Hooduskyy is the award-winning designer of the Arrow Office Table Office table for chief.
Taras Hooduskyy

I was born in LVIV /Ukraine . Since my childhood I like to do creative things. In high school I realized what I wan to do in future so I go to the university. Now I'm a student of 2 universities: first one as designer ,second one as architect. I always go unusual ways. I always like to do crazy creative things. Sometimes I heared lot of critics from people. In my country almost all people don't understand and don't acept creative ideas. Here it's hard to show all my talent and what I can. But I am still fight for my vision and opinion and often it works. For me design and architecture is all what I want to do and I will do my best

Taras Hooduskyy
Arrow Office Table Office table for chief