Meng Han, Yu Designer Profile
Meng Han, Yu is the award-winning designer of the The power of charm Brooch.
Meng Han, Yu

I am Meng-Han, a jewelry and accessaries designer of Mi Tesoro Jewelry Studio. My work involves craft, oil painting, drawings, fashion design, animation, and graphic design. My background is Bachelor Applied Arts with an animation major rom Sheng-te Christian College in Taiwan. After attending an exhibition at RIT, I was inspired and knew that metal industry is the right program for me. During my years in schools, I’ve used my spare time outside of school to do some part-time work as an art instructor assistant at a local art gallery. I teach and assist students that age from elementary to high school and some adults as well. I get back to my hometown, Taichung City, Taiwan in 2011, working at a local jewelry store which is famouse in Taichung City. In 2012, I am not only have my own brand (Mi Tesoro), but also seek and explore opportunities with other organizations to do design.

Meng Han, Yu
The power of charm Brooch