Johanna Hartzheim Designer Profile
Johanna Hartzheim is the award-winning designer of the Qleek Music Player.
Johanna Hartzheim

Johanna strives to bring out the aesthetic qualities of materials and simple functional shapes by means of form, color, graphics and unconventional combinations. In so doing, She creates tension by juxtaposing new with old, technical with non-technical, industrial with hand-crafted, natural with digital and simple with complex. She mainly designs products for home use, such as furniture, lamps and kitchen utensils, but is also well-versed in two-dimensional and immaterial design like Qleek. During her various travels she was immersed in different design concepts and creative working methods, and developed a grasp for the subtle differences in everyday culture. Adaptability and attentiveness to unique contexts therefore play an important role in her work.

Johanna Hartzheim
Qleek Music Player