Baohua Li Designer Profile
Baohua Li is the award-winning designer of the Bamboo House Interior Spatial,Club.
Baohua Li

Li Baohua graduated from Zhejiang Light Industry School(now China Academy of art and Design Vocational and Technical Institute). He was awarded the annual award of the 2011 Hangzhou Institute of interior design rookie, 2012 Design Expo Award "interior design 10 new cutting-edge figures", 2015 idea- tops AIT Award for the best club design, IF design award 2016 etc.. He is now special committee director of the interior design of Hangzhou Chinese (seventh). He has 14 years of architectural & interior design and project management experience, including hotels, clubs, office, commercial, real estate developmentand other building projects. Li Baohua used "narrative space" to summarize his design concept: "putting the story of the situation into space design, in which, each space is about a story, thus creating a situation. As recorded in the Peach Blossom Spring: At the end of the forestis a mountain, which has a small mouth, as if the light. Then shed boatfrom the mouth into it. The beginning place is very narrow, only a man can pass through. The complex for dozens of steps with clicking into place. " Only in the space can you have the feeling of exploring.

Bamboo House Interior Spatial,Club