Sergio Kharchenko Designer Profile
Sergio Kharchenko is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Sergio Kharchenko

Every design from Kharchenko is exclusive. Be it furniture, interiors, architecture or objects - anything. We are always looking forward to a great future. A future in which with our creations everything becomes even more beautiful and better. We work hard on that, we put a part of ourselves into every work we do, into everything that we create. All design we create is reflecting our clients. They are always part of our design, of the design we create for them. With every project our customers have the chance to see themselves with our eyes - the way we got to know them, their lifestyle, their demands and objectives. All this is reflected in our projects or the final product. It is always a fascinating moment when customers find themselves in our creations - for them and for us.

Sergio Kharchenko
Sampan Gold Edition Kitchen Living Interior
Sampan Vision Kitchen Island
Azimuth LE V12 Kitchen Island
Colombo Kitchen Living Interior
Dream Travel Yacht Interior