Evan Wu Designer Profile
Evan Wu is the award-winning designer of the Interaction Office.
Evan Wu

Founder and Design Director of feeling Design Evan Wu was graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and majored in Exhibition &Art Design. He engaged in commercial space design and brand service since 2008.He founded feeling Design in 2013 and he is acting as the Design Director. “Inspired by feeling, follow heart” is the fundamental principal of my design. Each space or brand has its unique body, giving them an exclusive soul is the pursuit that I am never bored with. I enjoy wandering among different brands, crossover collision is very interesting to me. Winning Awards: One of the Top 100Excellent Designers in China in 2014-2015 HongKong 2014 the22nd Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards - Excellence Award 2014 Idea-Tops Award – Finalist Asia Pacific Designers Federation 2014 IAI Award – Finalist Jintang Prize – Good Office Design of the year 2014 Clients: Apple, Jeep, JEEP SPIRIT, Satchi, ELLE, La paragay, TED Bear, Skyworth, HUI hotel, Artie and so on.

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