Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen Designer Profile
Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen is the award-winning designer of the Backslash Communication.
Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen

Pedro G. C. Oliveira is a Brazilian Art Director and Interactive Designer based in New York City, currently a research resident at the Interactive Telecommunications Program in NYU. His work history combines experiences in visual-effects, graphic design and motion graphics, interfaces and applications, interactive installations and code-generated art pieces. It is his strong belief, that creative solutions should be merged with technological resources and information not only in the name of innovation, but also to stimulate human potential and to improve human relations. Xuedi Chen is a Brooklyn-based designer and educator whose multi-disciplinary work spans the world of embedded electronics, industrial design, architecture, fashion, robotics and installation. She embraces the intersection of the digital and physical with a passion towards innovative use of materials, methods, and technologies.

Backslash Communication