david dos santos Designer Profile
david dos santos is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
david dos santos

A better life through smart design Making life better by stripping down products to their bare essence, with a focus on functionality, durability and aesthetics. Studio Dos Santos creates gorgeous looking smart designs, meeting tomorrows demands. “Products that make life better are the only ones making sense,” says Studio Dos Santos owner David Dos Santos. By blending strategy, product development and user interface, the Antwerp based design studio creates useful, beautiful and highly innovative products. “Simplicity is key in a world full of distractions, so we strip products down to their essence: great functionality and minimalistic aesthetics.” This approach has gained Dos Santos multiple design awards and collaborations with leading brands, such as Coca Cola, Ikea and Maxi-Cosi/Dorel. When designing, Studio Dos Santos’ starting point is the end user. “We develop our products with their stories in mind: to accomplish a better user experience, great products need to contain emotional elements, creating a connection with its owner. This also leads to a higher return on investment”

Gizelle Lifestyle Cat litter box
Paradiso First Desk Baby Desk for Creative Development
Haconn Premium Radiator Thermostat Automatically Regulates Room Temperature
The numi pack Smart Travel Backpack