Gabriel Cetrez Designer Profile
Gabriel Cetrez is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Gabriel Cetrez

Gabriel Cetrez is the founder and Designer of the Ready-to-Wear Label Cedress, which he founded in the age of 19 years, as young entrepreneur after his graduation of the vocational college of Business in Germany. In 2015 he continued to design his first Prêt-à-porter Womenswear collection , which got anticipated for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Kiev. In the same year he won the renowned A´Design Award in the category Fashion Design, for his reay-to-wear floral Dress, which was awarded for outstanding level of quality in design from over 88 countries. Due to the succeed of the Spring/ Summer 216 season, today the assortment includes mainly womenswear collections. Since his childhood Gabriel continues sketching portraits and persons wearing apparel.

Gabriel Cetrez
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