Gerhardt Kellermann Designer Profile
Gerhardt Kellermann is the award-winning designer of the Deutsche Bahn Add-ons Train Improvement Concept.
Gerhardt Kellermann

Back in 2012, Gerhardt Kellermann started his own industrial design and photography studio in Munich. His designs bribe by the harmonic interplay ofhard and soft elements and they thereby convince with maximal functionality. Thereby Kellermann already combinesthe spirit of design with innovative ideas, in order to create some inspiring novelties. Kellerman is inspired by arts, design, fashion, music and film. That’s acreative cosmos, out of which Kellermann grows and which also develops his works of industrial design and photography. Amongst other important events, he was nominated by the city of Munich in 2014 for its Förderpreis, under the category Design, Winner of the Open Call, Art in the Public Space of the city of Munich with Ayzit Bostan with Replika and awarded with the Grant of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes for Industrial design.

Gerhardt Kellermann
Deutsche Bahn Add-ons Train Improvement Concept