Madiha Faiz Rana Designer Profile
Madiha Faiz Rana is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Madiha Faiz Rana

To promote culture through motion graphics and videography is always my passion, my aim is to serve community and educate young females the art of generosity and being empathetic towards others . Life is not a bed of roses; it gives you the challenges that sometimes become the great opportunities for a person. The entire journey was not easy as I decided to select a totally different field to pursue my career and the society I belong to; prefer the girls to select the field of medicine. I always involved myself in seeking the knowledge about my field; watched different videos available on YouTube and participated in the different discussions. I used to read about the different successful animation companies like Pixar and Walt Disney. Walt Disney has always been the source of great inspiration for me. I worked as a freelancer at the beginning of my career and made the progress slowly. Later I decided to make my own animated documentary entitled as “Truck Art” that was awarded A design award Italy in movie and animation category in April 2016. As far as my other achievements are concerned, I have been actively involved in the different activities such as I participated in the different exhibitions related to graphics, arts, architecture and designing. I am the member of the different societies related to the cinema and animation. In 2007, I was awarded with the 3 big awards for the best short film, best direction and best actress category in LUMS Amateur Film Festival.

Lahore Lahore Hai  Time-lapse Video
Truck Art Video Documentary