Honglei Liu Designer Profile
Honglei Liu is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Honglei Liu

BLVD was initially established in Canada, then moved to Beijing and Shenzhen, the two artsy cities famous as City of Design and started to fit into and win Chinese market afterwards. Over the past 14years since establishment, BLVD always sticks to its pursuit of perfectionism and harmony, and endeavors to achieve excellent design works that can perfectly mix scene, emotion and artistic conception. Thanks to its excellent design and advanced perception, BLVD has undisputedly grown up to be the leader in the field of architecture and landscape design. Today's BLVD is not only an outstanding design firm in the interior design of hotel and office environment, but also widely acknowledged as the excellent waterfront design expert in China.

Airland Shenzhen Hotel
Mind the Sea Showroom
Lakeview Palace Restaurant
Vanke Headquarters Vip Conference Centre
Hyatt Place Luoyang Hotel