Florian Freihöfer Designer Profile
Florian Freihöfer is the award-winning designer of the Vary light object.
Florian Freihöfer

Florian Freihöfer is a young product and furniture designer from Hanover, Germany. After working in different fields of work, Florian Freihöfer transformed his life experience into the area of design. He is constantly changing his point of view to create new ways of thinking and designing. When he was a child, he wanted to change everything. In his 34 years he realized, changing is a big part in everybody’s life. Design became his means of expression. In terms of creating new design solutions, communication is the key. Sharing ideas and knowledge as well as good conversations with other creative people can make a huge difference. When everybody is connected, ideas come together in order to create good forward-thinking design.

Florian Freihöfer
Vary light object