Sirena Kiviranta Designer Profile
Sirena Kiviranta is the award-winning designer of the Drop Sauna and Drop Lodge Sauna and Small Cottage.
Sirena Kiviranta

Established in 2015, Drop is a design company renowned for its outdoor spas, design fires, and saunas. The Drop Spa, conceptualized by designer Nikolai Ruola, boasts a distinctive drop-shaped design. Meanwhile, the creative mind behind the design fires, saunas, and lodges is Sirena Kiviranta. The Drop Saunas and Lodges are available in black, white, or natural wood colors, with the option for custom colors. Featuring a striking square design with a large glass front shaped like a drop, these structures are crafted from environmentally friendly and durable spruce-based cross-laminated timber (CLT). Each sauna arrives fully prefabricated for easy assembly on a stable foundation. Additionally, they come equipped with quality wooden benches and warm LED lighting. Proudly designed and manufactured in Finland, Drop products have received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Design of the Year award from the Association of Finnish Work in 2015—the first outdoor spa to achieve this distinction. Further international recognition includes the A Design award in 2019 and the Golden Wave award in 2022 for Drop Spa, highlighting the brand's commitment to exceptional design.

Sirena Kiviranta
Drop Sauna and Drop Lodge Sauna and Small Cottage