Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik Designer Profile
Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik

Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik has been working as an independent creator in the field of culture since 1996. Thanks to her achievements in art she has obtained the status of an independent artist in 2001. She works in the fields of graphics, fashion and unique design as well as in publicity. Recently she has mostly been working in the field of unique industrial design which she presents at individual and group exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad. She is the author of the concept of the trademark Stories Design as well as being the co-founder.

Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik
Infinity Silver Jewlery Collection
Transience White gold jewelry collection
Primeval Expressions Water and Spirit Glasses
Timber Multifunctional Phone Holder