Serena Zanello Designer Profile
Serena Zanello is the award-winning designer of the Solunto Hospitality Design.
Serena Zanello

Serena Zanello was born in Ivrea, Italy and earned her bachelor degree in Architecture at “Facoltà di Architettura , Politecnico di Torino” in Dec 2003. After her studies in Italy and France ( Ecole d’architecture de Saint’ Etienne ) she started her professional career in 2003 becoming a member of the Turin Architects Order and working with Pininfarina Extra srl , one of the most renowned international design firm. Serena is now leaving in San Francisco where she has played a key role in the store design language and strategy as a Design Manager for Starbucks Coffee. Now, after 8 years of successful, award winning projects and enriching work experience she is a founding partner in Dopamine Design and looks forward to a bright future along with partners, clients and friends.

Serena Zanello
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