VSN Mobil Designer Profile
VSN Mobil is the award-winning designer of the v360 Digital 360 Degree Camera.
VSN Mobil

VSN Mobil’s founders set out to do something groundbreaking simple: deliver consumer electronics devices that meet the needs of everyday life. Excitement for this concept attracted a team of some of the most accomplished executives from the most elite companies in the world. United by a shared interest in breaking away from the typical technology company structure, top talent from Motorola, Samsung, General Dynamics and Pininfarina, among others, joined VSN Mobil to create a company and products they can feel passionate about. Together they bring an expertise that is unmatched in the industry, having worked on the design and development of many phones, tablets, cameras and other consumer devices, which have sold more than 160 million worldwide to date. In addition, the team draws on experience from diverse product categories and in vertical industries such as public safety, education and manufacturing and boasts inventorship in a combined total of over 200 global patents with additional patents pending.

v360 Digital 360 Degree Camera