Jahn Llc Designer Profile
Jahn Llc is the award-winning designer of the SPACECRAFT WET BOX FURNITURE.
Jahn Llc

JAHN is an international architectural firm with over 75 years of experience that has achieved critical recognition and won numerous awards. JAHN’s ability to integrate design creativity and corporate professionalism makes it a leading firm in Global Design Innovation. Through the years we have completed buildings on four continents encompassing a wide range of typologies and scales. Our firm’s commitment to design excellence and the improvement of the urban environment has been acknowledged worldwide. Under the current leadership of Helmut Jahn and Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido, the firm has grown and evolved steadily from the original practice founded in 1937 by Charles F. Murphy, Sr. descended from an original collaboration with Daniel H. Burnham. The firm has carried the name Murphy/Jahn from 1979 to 2012. JAHN is a multinational group of professionals sharing the same passion for Architecture, Design and Technology. We operate from our 4 four international offices: Chicago, Berlin, Doha and Shanghai. The diversity of our work and the collaborative spirit of our environment stimulate a cross-fertilization of ideas. Our architects and designers collaborate with the most innovative engineers, fabricators and builders to create architecture of authenticity and integrity. Our work addresses urban responsibility, performance, engineering synthesis, attention to detail and sustainability by design. RAAD, the department of Responsive Architecture – Advanced Design, has been established to further push the boundaries of research and design within JAHN. Challenging the given notions of design, RAAD acts to advance the future of architecture; a future which must fuse technical innovations with a responsive and humanitarian approach. It is this collaboration between JAHN and RAAD that will continue to precipitate distinctive solutions such as the SPACECRAFT pavilion.