Nilo Gioacchini con Opus srl per Forsan Designer Profile
Nilo Gioacchini con Opus srl per Forsan is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nilo Gioacchini con Opus srl per Forsan

The Opus design studio is born into mind and into person of Nilo Gioacchini. Through his experience and his brilliance, form and accompanies his colleagues (Sara Zama and Mirko Lorenzini) within the multifaceted world of design. Now, dealing with competence and seriousness of each branch of creation (art, graphics, and design) following every product, from idea on paper until production. Winner of numerous international awards, the production of the study Opus and Nilo Gioacchini contributed, many times, to a new vision of objects and new discoveries of use and re-use. The working method of this team is simple, clear but extremely precise. Featured more for search innovation, that simply for aesthetics, but without forgetting even that.

System-One system of ceramic sanitaryware
System-Two multifunctional sanitary ware