Maria Lucia Colletti e Cristina Paladini Designer Profile
Maria Lucia Colletti e Cristina Paladini is the award-winning designer of the Point Table lamp.
Maria Lucia Colletti e Cristina Paladini

Maria Lucia Colletti and Cristina Paladini, founders of the brand Impress Design, were born in 1978. Their studie related to art and architecture were based in Rome. They also specialized in Industrial Design, sustainable design, restoration , photography, graphics and three-dimensional printing. Working experience matured in the fashion ateliers and architectural firms, in which they did planning and interior design. This has provided them with the practical, technical and aesthetic knowledge to lead them to the creation of objects of different nature and size. The desire to affirm their potential and the desire to "challenge themselves", together with a strong and long-standing friendship, Maria Lucia and Cristina led to the desire to develop their own brand. The brand that was created in 2013 has participated in various idea competitions, including the European Edition Maker Faire 2014 in which it was selected in the design field. Impress Design has designed a collection of jewelry and accessories home decor with contemporary lines but with rooted ideas; the elegant style looks to the past for inspiration. Impress is a gesture that encompasses all the phases of the creation of objects: form and function, imagined at first and then designed and printed on the raw material.

Maria Lucia Colletti e Cristina Paladini
Point Table lamp