Mike Miltimore Designer Profile
Mike Miltimore is the award-winning designer of the Tradition CDN Custom Adjustable Acoustic Guitar.
Mike Miltimore

Mike Miltimore started Riversong Guitars was started in 2008 in the back of his families music store, Lee's Music. Starting as a custom shop making one-off traditional guitars, Mike started to develop a new guitar with the express goal to eliminate the tension from the structural pull of of the strings. After many years of research and development and about 30 prototypes, the current form of the guitar was finished. A patent pending design with, an adjustable neck that extends the entire length of the guitar eliminates the bad tension and allows for adjustments to action and intonation. The design also fixed many problems with traditional guitars like the common 14th fret hump, Neck resets, and intonation. The build process was entirely different as well. The assembly and part design led to greater resonance and consistency all the while eliminating many defects that normally occur during manufacturing. Mike had assembled a team and was ready to launch his new guitar design. 80% of the Riversong Guitar models featured 100% domestic woods. The first public showing was at the BC Cowboy and heritage festival in 2012, 2months later Mike was Nominated for Entrepreneur of the year with an innovation that helps Canada Grow. This National competition was with the Business Development Bank of Canada. Mike ended up in 2nd place and dozens of orders for his guitars. In 2013 Riversong Guitars went Anaheim California for the International NAMM music trade show. At this show Riversong was called the #1 coolest product at NAMM amongst 1600 vendors by Worship Magazine. A licensing agreement and North American Distribution was soon to follow. Mike found himself travelling the world spreading the news and selling his unique guitars. At the beginning of 2015, Riversong signed a distribution deal to send guitars to Europe and also launched a line of licensed guitars that will be sold in 80 countries throughout the world! Mike Miltimore along with his business partners Rose and Lee (mom and dad) also launched a new line of patent pending mullti layer wooden picks that are receiving a lot of interest in the music community.

Tradition CDN Custom Adjustable Acoustic Guitar