Hidegszoba studio Designer Profile
Hidegszoba studio is the award-winning designer of the Kaláka Furniture collection- Table.
Hidegszoba studio

The hidegszoba studio is a design team, which grow up from a student cooperation in a terminal design task. It’s based on the difference between the three team members abilities, at the same time capability of work together as a team. The main orientation of their design is experimentation with materials and objects, during they can learn other design section’s grounds. Their objects represent the connection with natural materials and traditions, but show contemprorary thinking method. In design process they aim at vizualize and form value of art and function. All of the team members doing their masters on product design faculty at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, but they have bachelor degree in three different area of design, like architectural glass design, interior design and industrial design engeenering.To create a simple form, that has harmony in the concept of the material, motif (conceptual and formal)and conscious thinking.

Kaláka Furniture collection- Table