Tarek Elkassouf Designer Profile
Tarek Elkassouf is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Tarek Elkassouf

Tarek ElKassouf is a Lebanese designer based in Beirut who creates in three disciplines: Architecture, Urban Planning and Product/Furniture Design. His work is inspired by Middle Eastern geometric patterns and is often spliced with futuristic parametric design. Tarek has been working as an Architect and Urban Planner since 2005; on projects that range from landmarks to developing cities in Lebanon and across the MENA region. He began refining his third passion, furniture design in 2014 with the launch of ‘The Edge’ series of furniture and lighting. His inaugural designs take a cue from the city of Beirut – a city always on the edge of instability, chaos and creativity.

Tarek Elkassouf
The Edge Beirut Lamps, tables, stools
Twisted Diamond Lamp
Dark Edge Table, Stool, Shelf