Carparelli Designer Profile
Carparelli is the award-winning designer of the Classico SH1 Musical Instrument.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Carparelli Guitars has been involved in bringing quality instruments to the guitar buying public for nearly a decade. Servicing dedicated customers worldwide, we are involved in every aspect of the guitar business including: design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retail of guitars and guitar related products. Our goal is to become more than just a guitar company. Carparelli will become a lifestyle. We invite you to be part of that, a valued part of our family. Our difference: We listen to YOU. We strive to make guitars that won't ever stand in the way of your artistic creativity. Commitment to making players' instruments, guitars as individual as you are, is all we know. We understand that every musician, from the youngster out shopping for their first instrument to seasoned touring pro, expects only the best from their guitar. After all, a guitar isn't just a tool for making music, your guitar is a true extension of your personality, a means of expressing your inner self. As comfortable as a heart-to-heart with your best friend, incomparable sound, jaw-dropping looks, and roadworthy durability will all make your Carparelli one of the loves of your life. Rather than trying to squeeze every penny out of our instruments to satisfy a block of shareholders, we strive to provide YOU with twice the instrument at half the price. What this really means is that when you purchase your Carparelli, you own a guitar you can grow into, a guitar you can live with. We really do want you to reach for your Carparelli FIRST. We want your next instrument to be one of ours. We expect your friends to find out and look our way. And, buy their first Carparelli! Carparelli: Play, Love, Live.

Classico SH1 Musical Instrument