Stjepko Rosin Designer Profile
Stjepko Rosin is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Stjepko Rosin

For him, design is a way of life, thinking, looking at the world. Being a good designer requires a certain amount of breadth. He himself says that interest in many different life topics, and especially active participation, creates an obstacle to the simplicity of life and the distribution of time, but it is good for design. Likewise, he works alone, from the very beginning, relying on himself, which is very difficult, but on the other hand, he has freedom in work and access to the client to whom he becomes like a personal designer-friend and has countless hours of self-knowledge and knowledge of the world around him. , as well as the design itself, which is manifested in numerous written thoughts about design and life. However, being alone does not mean that he is closed. On the contrary, he is open-minded, always available, ready for action, with respect for each new challenge and project. Maybe that's why it's hard to see a recognizable style in him. Design lives and loves and works.

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