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Basic Design

Our knowledge and belief in design, as well as our mission, originate from two words “Substance and Principle”. “Substance” is the essence while “principle” is the law, the rule, and our tenet. In regards to design, substance lies in function, is given function, and has it’s meanings. Fundamentally, design is used by people. If there is no demand, there will be no requirements. We believe substance is the foundation and our foundation is principle. Starting from our actual interests, we provide quality design concepts, advocate natural views, focus on substance, and use them all to create more spiritual and material wealth for society, albeit in a practical way.

Grand Theatre of Sanshui Art Performances and Conferences
Changbai Mountain Sales Office SALES OFFICE
RongHe Forest Center
New Chinese style villa design Residential Building
39#H-3 House Type of Xiang Fu Century Home Appliances Design