Hootan Hamedani Designer Profile
Hootan Hamedani is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Hootan Hamedani

Hootan was born in 1972 in IRAN and started painting at the age of twelve, and Six years later, He found his way to the School of Architecture and graduated in Architecture in 1998. Hootan’s Inspiration in Art not only effected in every aspect of his life and design, but also lead him to distribute it by start teaching in university when he was 21. After 8 years, he was known as a “outstanding professor of Architecture” in Tehran. Hootan moved to United States in 2002 and continued his abilities in Design by establishing his firm “Hootan & Associates".

Hootan Hamedani
Bosscat Bar and Restaurant
Glimpse Necklace set
Bosscat Bar & Restaurant
USAePay Office Space
CREAM Irvine Ice Cream Shop
CREAM Summerlin Ice Cream Shop