Aristotelis Barakos Designer Profile
Aristotelis Barakos is the award-winning designer of the Pebbles Plant Pots.
Aristotelis Barakos

After years of working as a model maker and constructor for major international film and museum productions, Aristotelis Barakos enrolled for a BA in Product Design at AKTO Art & Design College in Athens and graduated in 2013. Through his work, he strives to speak a global language while maintaining his own dialect, which reflects elements of his local culture. His vision is to create unique and human-centered products, by combining technology with human factors, ergonomics and design thinking. With every design project, he begins with an initial display, using both hand-drawn sketches and computer graphics. He then moves on to constructing working mockups and 3D prototypes at a scale, which provides for a natural three-dimensional representation of the object. This creative dialogue raises the level of inventiveness in his work and assists him in turning his ideas into something tangible, something that clients can feel with their own hands. Moreover, he engages in teamwork with engineers and other disciplines to further refine these ideas and get the most out of them. The products Aristotelis has designed range from ceramics, pieces of furniture and every-day objects to state-of-the-art technological devices and systems. In 2014, he designed the Gokey Charger, Cable & Locator, which raised over 1 million dollars at an Indiegogo campaign and is now in the production phase ( cable-locator-memory-all-on-your-key-ring). Aristotelis has showcased his projects at several design exhibitions in Athens and has been included in the fourth edition of FUTURE TALENTS 2014 competition, which is featured in the July/August 272 issue of the Italian OTTAGONO design magazine. (

Aristotelis Barakos
Pebbles Plant Pots