SUMI CREATIVE CO Designer Profile
SUMI CREATIVE CO is the award-winning designer of the The Olive Tree Packaging for Olive Oil.

Sumi Gous is a highly versatile and accomplished artist and professional designer based in South Africa’s scenic Western Cape. The diversity of her subject matter, mediums and interests is testimony to Sumi’s boundless curiosity satisfied through her need to be creative.  Her exuberance, passion and joy are expressed through her distinctive creations – each work a celebration of life’s never ending potential. Fresh and delightfully unconventional in her approach, Sumi’s artworks and designs inspire, captivate and enthrall. “I love to play!” is this talented artist’s and designer's enduring motivation. "I enjoy challenges. While I work I constantly think of new possibilities. I try to represent the obvious in interesting and unusual ways, while always remaining authentic and unpretentious." Sumi has explored and mastered a wide variety of design techniques and disciplines in the journey to unlock her full artistic potential. Her love of colour is evident in her many striking canvasses, inspired by her passion for animals and birds, and imaginative layered mosaics on natural stones and floors. Sumi effortlessly blends form, function and design in an eclectic and innovative mix of both the classic and the contemporary. The digital era has brought with it a multitude of new artistic possibilities that Sumi has embraced with passion. The iPhone has become her latest canvass upon which she skillfully blends art and technology, resulting in colourful touch-screen images of vibrant creativity and beauty. 

The Olive Tree Packaging for Olive Oil