Koray Kırca Designer Profile
Koray Kırca is the award-winning designer of the Ring Table Lamp.
Koray Kırca

A story always needs a space and the space is created by the light. So, if there is no light, there is no space, there is no story. At barrier, they are searching for the connection between the light and the story. they collect different objects designed for different purposes, used in different spaces by different people in the past. they redesign them, reinvent them. they make them alive once again to create light, to create new spaces, to create new stories. their intention is not creating only a design object which gives light. they are trying to combine different segments of history, different memories, good or bad things with the harmony created by the light. Sometimes it’s a piece of wood taken from a old railroad; sometimes it’s the oil filter of an old car. The fragments of different lives, human stories lived in different times. they appreciate the past of these materials. With a modern perspective of aesthetics they redesign them into lighting objects. So, these reborn materials can make the spaces where people live beautiful once again. But this time with the power of light. they believe in creating spaces by the power of light. Spaces where people live, work or have fun. Living spaces… they appreciate the aesthetics of the past. they want to be a part of the aesthetics of the future. At barrier, they are creating living spaces with living objects of light. they are working to be a part of aesthetics in history.

Koray Kırca
Ring Table Lamp