Xiaodong Liu Designer Profile
Xiaodong Liu is the award-winning designer of the Mirror jewellery Stone extension .
Xiaodong Liu

Designer Donna LIU, who graduated from the China top-one university: Tsinghua University. After that, she took a master degree in Product Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Later on, she was invited to immigrate to Hong Kong via Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. With passion and enthusiasm on stylized product design, Donna has started a company and founded jewelry brand FARRA in 2010 to realize her design ambitions. Since then, the brand has effectively published favorable products every season. The affection of FARRA’s classical works always give people indelible impression and keep hauntingly in mind. Some of the products have been reported on newspapers and fashion magazines repeatedly, while the others were favored and pursued by foreign TV stars, which makes the Hong Kong Brand FARRA a famous name overseas. FARRA design is dedicated to artists handmade vintage-styled gemstone jewelry. For instance, the hand-etched findings are made collocation with candy-colored gemstones, expressing extraordinary fancy effective on rich layers. It can meet either splendid or romantic effect in various circumstances, thus favored by crowd of customers. As a strong belief of Donna, jewelry is beautiful treasure from God to human.” It can speak out for your-self, impress your own life philosophy to people and demonstrate your passionate love.

Mirror jewellery Stone extension