Vincent Teoh Boon Seang Designer Profile
Vincent Teoh Boon Seang is the award-winning designer of the Classical Raya Catalog.
Vincent Teoh Boon Seang

Giftseries Sdn. Bhd. has been in Malaysia since 2004, started as a supplier for corporate gifts. In 2008, the company established the gift hamper business. Giftseries, which emerged as a fierce competitor of the gift hamper industry in Malaysia, has been around for only 6 years. Within a short span of 6 years we have garnered some good experience to compete with major rivals such as ‘Noel Gifts’ and ‘Pods and Petals’ that have similar business model as us. The company emphasizes on a few core values in its business: 1) Premium Quality 2) Friendly Customer Care 3) Creativity in Packaging Designs and its Themes and, 4) Value for Money

Classical Raya Catalog