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Pablo Saracho is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Pablo Saracho

The company was born under the premises of combining wood and design. Their activity is the creation and production of toys with high doses of design, 100% natural but still fun. Since they design and produce in Spain, they can double-check every one of the pieces that they put in the market. They can supervise every step of the production process. Besides, they believe that one of their production pillars is having invested in buying high technology (CNC machinery) to achieve a high level of quality. Their way of doing is "maker philosophy" like. At wodibow, they don’t rely on plastics at all nor in any product that are not environment friendly. That is why they use 100% natural products that don’t contain anything that could pollute the planet, people, or animals. They commit to never use plastic. And if they ever use paint or glue it shall be non-polluting.

Pablo Saracho
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Mastodonts Toy
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